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personally obsessed with this one <3

Rose silver and gold-tone Swarovski crystal ring
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Neo Boho Ombre Pave Dragonfly Brooch


Pamela Love’s Resort 2014 jewelry collection takes a look into the ancient ruins and architecture of Mesoamerican cultures. The “Rise” collection particularly draws inspiration from the step pyramids of Pre-Columbian civilizations and the ruins of Peru, Mexico, and Guatemala. Love was also drawn to the ancient writing, timekeeping, and counting systems of Mesoamerican cultures, and elements of these ancient systems can be found in her collection. The jewelry and adornment of the Pre-Colombian civilizations was incorporated into this collection, taking note especially of the gold jewelry worn by the Aztecs. Whether taking notice of the textured gold, geometric shapes, or turquoise stones, it can be seen that elements of Mesoamerican culture have been innovatively incorporated into Love’s fourth resort collection. 



Interlocking-G XL Stainless Steel Watch, Black
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Sparkle Buckle Bracelet, Silvertone
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Leaf Cuff
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Can’t get enough of this You Stepped Out Of A Dream multi finger ring from @glintandgleam! So perfect and classic ♡ now available on #rings #accessories #dainty #jewelry #shoplately #glintandgleam #igdaily #love #cute #style

razor blade bracelet